13 July 2010

How the delegation works on Nintex Workflow 2007

After reading a good article on Let's SharePoint blog, I decided to do some tests about delegation on Nintex Workflows 2007, and I found interesting results.

Let's SharePoint post, Nintex Best Practice Task Delegation:

First of all, the way I'm doing the delegation is for all tasks, using the top menu, as I have described in my first HOW TO post on this blog:

About the delegation (on build 11004), it works in a "recursive" way, where I can delegate a task to a user, and this user can delegate his tasks to another user, and it assign the task to the last user of this "queue". But there is "deadlock" prevention mechanism, which avoid the deadlock if, for example, the last user delegate his tasks back to the first user, creating a circle. Bellow there are two examples which describe these scenarios:

I also did more "cascade" tests to see if it really works with more users, and the results are the same. The names in bold represents who the task was assigned, in the end:

- My user > User 2 > User 3 > User 1

- My user > User 2 > User 3 > User 1 > My user

- My user > User 2 > User 3 > User 1 > Other User

- My user > User 2 > User 3 > User 1 > Other User > User 3

After all, we can conclude that this delegation mechanism of Nintex really works, and in my opinion, the way it handles these deadlocks is the best approach.

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