12 July 2010

Nintex Workflow 2010: Just Released


Yes, it was released today! And with a many improvements, comparing to the 2007. Check it by yourself!


I also recomend a look on the two flyers who describes the product, and the comparative table between the 2007 and 2010 versions:

Product Brochure
Edition Comparison Table

In my opinion, the most interesting features available on this new version are:

  • Fluent ribbon interface (Office 2007-2010 like)
  • Create “User Defined Actions” using the drag and drop workflow designer (if it allows to export this actions)
  • Export workflows to Visual Studio 2010 (it’s very useful to customize the workflow, adding new capabilities)
  • InfoPath form generation/support (no idea how it works yet, there are no info available, but sounds nice)

I hope I can play with it soon! :)

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